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The Wreck

The Wreck box shot
US$ 19.00


You can download the manual by clicking here.


  • The Wreck - unvarnished and raw, just like the real thing. You may expect some hammers that strike two adjacent notes at once and some badly out of tune notes.
  • The Tamed Wreck - a softened version where individual notes are tuned to the best perceived average and pulled into equal temperament. Hammers that strike two different notes at once are removed from this set.
  • The Wreck FX - a few strums across the strings for your mystery movie scoring pleasure.

















Hagström Viking
Moog Rogue
Eventide H3000 SE
Drawmer 1960
Yamaha 02R96
Patch bay
Neumann U87
Gibson Chet Atkins
Yamaha 02R96