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Percussive Innuendo

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You can never have too many percussion sounds. Percussive Innuendo is the perfect way to expand your existing percussion library with instruments or playing techniques not found in most libraries. For example, Tam-tam hits or rolls are great, but how about the dramatic effects you get from bowing and scratching for instant mystery or horror scores. For better blending, there are, of course, also normal soft and loud hits. We have also included some rare sounds, like a siren which is called for in very few orchestral scores (like Ionization by Edgar Varèse).

We were fortunate to be able to raid the percussion rooms of the Munich Philharmonic Orchestra. These sounds make up the bulk of the library, but you also get selected sounds from the collection of the University of Victoria, B.C., Mills College, California, as well as private collections.


Percussive Innuendo comes in two editions: if you are an Instant-Gratificationist, the standard edition is for you. It includes the entire library in wet form with all sounds compressed and ambience added. Treatment is light, so you still have plenty of room to layer your own effects. If you are a purist or prefer to sculpt the sounds yourself, choose the gold edition which includes the dry sounds on top of the contents of the standard edition.


Percussive Innuendo is not only about great sounds, but also about ease of use and maximum playability. You will find consistent naming and mapping conventions throughout the library. This greatly helps you in getting to know the library and quickly locating the right sounds, so you can focus on your music. The sounds are highly playable, with alternate mappings for players who prefer velocity sensitive setups, and those who like all dynamic layers laid out side by side on the keyboard.


While loops are not the focus of Percussive Innuendo, you'll appreciate the fact that we also included a healthy selection of loops to help you meet that tight deadline. The same instruments from the library were used to create the loops, so you will be able to mix and match loops with the normal keyboard instruments easily.