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Space Drum box shot

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Root-sounds has released Space Drum, an inspiring library for folk enthusiasts, ambient and film composers. More...

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root-sounds has released Hammered Dulcimer, capturing the sound every folk composer needs and then some. More...

root-sounds has released Synclavier, bringing you the sound of the incredibly rare first generation digital synthesizer. More...

Now you can get Concert Marimba and Deep Vibes in the True Mallets bundle at a nice 25% discount. More...

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About root-sounds

SCI Sixtrak

root-sounds is the sample library division of root studio.

root studio has been collecting sounds for more than 30 years. Our first product, released in the mid 1980s, was a patch library for the Sequential Circuits Sixtrak! Remember that thing? Distribution happened on data sheets for you to punch in all the values yourself!

A lot has happened since and massive sound collections were gathered for exclusive use in original productions. Part of this huge catalog is now gradually made available after being painstakingly manipulated and prepared as ready to use products. But this does not stop us from recording fresh material, too!

Image of SCI Sixtrak courtesy of Theo Bloderer.