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Does any synthesizer have a more glamorous name than the Synclavier™? One of the rarest electronic musical instruments on the planet, the NEDC Synclavier performance instrument was the first all-digital instrument to reach commercial production. Production stopped at Serial #13, however, before the much more famous Synclavier II was introduced. The earlier model featured FM synthesis which was previously only heard in labs, notably at Stanford University, long before Yamaha introduced their DX line of synthesizers. It also had 4 outputs for surround sound applications and a whopping 140 dB dynamic range per channel. The distinct raw sound was in part due to the lack of an anti-alias filter. This means you could hear some alias frequencies and artifacts, particularly on low notes.

With more than 1350 samples, root-sounds brings you the original factory presets (except #2, see below), plus an assortment of extra sounds that were custom programmed or taken from various compositions and processed so they can be used in a variety of musical applications. In the Kontakt version, these can be further tweaked with filter and envelope controls. All presets in the Kontakt version also have four optional effects to give the sounds more depth.

What's up with Preset #2?

The button for preset #2 on the front panel kept failing even after much loving care and, as such, is missing from the library. (The Logic version doesn't include Preset 2, the Kontakt GUI shows a 'broken' button). The original instrument is supposed to undergo a complete overhaul by the new owner, so it is possible that this sound will become available in a future update, but this is out of our hands and therefore no promises can be made. Should the preset become available in an acceptable quality in the future, however, all registered owners of the library will receive it as a free upgrade.

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