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Phantom Organ

Phantom Organ box shot


root-sounds introduces Phantom Organ, a completely forgotten, completely neglected, and completely ruined instrument. There is more than one good reason this instrument category, also known as chord organs for their 1-finger chord buttons, is mostly forgotten. Our version doesn't take up any space in your studio and has some features the real thing does not.

The tuning of the Graber Rogg CTX 1300 we used for sampling this library has seriously suffered during the decades. In fact, it took several days to get rid of the damp cellar/stuffy attic smell from our studio after sampling. If you enjoy such out of tune instruments, be our guest. If not, you will be relieved to learn that we also give you

  • a retuned version that plays nice with your other instruments
  • the option of turning off the noisy motor and key sounds
  • fast attack time that betrays the legacy of the notoriously sloppy response
  • a synth mode to wiggle all the switches and buttons in real time in the Kontakt version