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True Mallets bundle offer

True Mallets bundle
US$ 59.00


If Concert Marimba and Deep Vibes are great, the bundle is even better. Get your True Mallets bundle and save 25%.

Concert Marimba gives you up to six velocity layers across a five octave instrument, a choice of soft, medium, and hard mallets, plus alternating left and right hand strokes. In addition, you get dead notes, stick and shaft hits, arpeggios, rollls, glissandi, and extended techniques. More about Concert Marimba...

Deep Vibes offers more than 30 instruments that range from standard articulations with and without pedal, motor on/off to non standard techniques like secco and hits with the sticks, to several bowed variations and extended techniques. Standard articulations come in four velocity layers with left/right hand round robin samples. More about Deep Vibes...