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Beta tester FAQ

Q: What is this test, when does it start, and how long will it last?
A: The test is supposed to determine the usability and quality of the root-sounds libraries. The test period is expected to run for about three months prior to release of each library.

Q: How do I contribute?
A: First, please sign up for the beta group. You'll receive samples of our library for evaluation. We're interested in useful feedback related to the library. Whether you find a poor loop, awkward keyboard mapping, or a typo in the manual, let us know.

Q: Do I need the latest OS and all the mentioned plugins?
A: Not at all! We want to support a wide range of users.

Q: What's in it for me - do I get a free copy of the tested library?
A: If you provide a lot of useful feedback, yes. If you just download the trial sounds and we never hear from you, probably not, but we may give you a nice discount on your order.

Q: Can I keep the pre-release samples?
A: Not much we can do about that. That said, why not help us make a better library and get the whole thing for free! Make sure you remove the demo sounds before installing a new version.

Q: How much spam do I receive when I sign up?
A: We promise that your contact and personal info is safe and you won't receive any messages that are not related to root-sounds! Messages are only about the library you are testing and releases of new libraries, that's it.

Q: Do I get a credit?
A: If you would like to, absolutely yes! If you provide useful feedback, your name will appear in the credit section of the user guide. Some testers even created demo songs and of course, they are credited and listed with a link to their page, if they wish.

Beta tester license agreement

If you sign up as a tester and use our sounds, you agree to the following terms and conditions:

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