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Percussive Innuendo

Percussive Innuendo box shot
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Gold Edition US$ 89.00
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You can download the instrument listing which details the number of variations for each sound, keyboard mapping, and memory requirements.

Most instruments come in keyboard split and velocity maps, as well as regular and ECO (economical) setups, if memory is at a premium or if you prefer to keep things a bit more simple. The gold edition of Percussive Innuendo contains all instruments in wet (light compression and ambience) and dry versions. The standard edition contains the wet version only.

Keyboard instruments


Ever wished you had a single hit to put at the end of a looped phrase so the loop can end naturally on a ringing or sustaining note? For all relevant loops, we have included just that. The loops come treated in the standard and gold editions, while the gold edition contains the unprocessed loops as well. Remember that these sounds blend perfectly well with the single hits from the list above.